Browse the list below of architectural, engineering and design firms for whom Wheeler & Gray has completed many successful projects. Many of the listings below are linked to our clients’ website home pages so that you also browse their sites and become familiar with our clientele.

A C Martin Partners, Inc.
Ansano Architecture
Anthony Mason Associates
AP Architects
Architecture for Education, Inc.
Bahr Vermeer & Haecker
BEA Architects
Beckmeyer Carver Architects
BFGC Architects
Bielski, Ladowicz Architects
Birba Group Architects
Breidenbach, Huchting & Hamblet
C O Architects
Cadiz & Cadiz
California Green Designs
Cannon Design
CardeTen Architects
Cella Barr
City Works, Inc.
Clements & Clements
Clerkin & Clerkin Architecture
Cooper& Phillips
Corcoran Botich & Associates
Courtney + Le Architects
Crosby Group
Crux Studio
Dangermond Keane Architecture
Dave Szany & Associates
DC Architects
Decker Madsen Associates
Dettmer Architecture & Construction
DKY Architect & Consultant
DLR Group Inc.
Douglas Crane Architects
EHDD Architecture
Ehrenkrantz, Eckstut & Kuhn
Esherick Homsey Dodge & Davis
Fernando Juarez & Associates, Inc.
Flowelling & Moody
Freebairn-Smith and Crane
G. William Scott
Gibeaut, Mahan & Briscoe
GKK Works
Gonzalez Goodale Architects
Gregg Maedo Associates
Gruen Associates
Harley Ellis Devereaux Architects
Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum, Inc.
Helman Architects, Inc.
HGA Architects

HH Fremer Architects
Hillman Biddison & Loevenguth
HMC Architects
Hornberger + Worstell
Houston Tyner
HYB Group
IA Interior Architects
John Ash Group
John Hopkins Associates
Johnson Architects. Inc.
JTC Architects
Kanda & Tso Associates
Kazumi Adachi & Associates
Khorramian Group Architects, Inc.
Kroh / Broeske Architects, Inc.
Leach Mounce Architects
Liberstudio Architects Inc
Magnuson Architects
MAI Architects
Martinez & Associates
Martinez / Kuch Architects
Mavridis & Associates
McClellan & Associates
McDonald, Soutar & Paz
MCF Architects
MDM Architects, LLP
Meyer & Allen Associates
Milazzo Associates
ML Architecture
Mosaic Architect
Moule & Polyzoides
MVE Institutional, Inc.
Nakada & Associates, Inc.
NTD Architecture
O’leary Terasawa Partners
Onyx Architects
Osborn Architects
Pacific Design Partners
PBWS Architects
Pechin Associates
Perkins & Will
Peteris Architects
Pfeiffer Partners Architects, Inc.
Pica & Sullivan Architects
Picard Architects
Pulliam Matthews & Associates
Rachlin Architects
Rasmussen & Associates
RBB Architects
RRM Design Group
Safecon Consulting Group, Inc.
Serar & Associates Architects
Serrurier Architects & Associates
Shlemmer + Algaze + Associates

Skarpohl Associates
Shelter Architects
Steinberg Architects Inc.
Stephen Wen & Associates
Stephen Woolley & Associates
Studio One Eleven Architects
Studios Architecture
Takata Associates
TDM Architects
Tetra Design
The Folks Group
Topp Design Group
Tyler Gonzalez Architects
Viniegra & Viniegra Architecture
Ware & Malcomb Architects
West Edge Architects
Widom, Wein, Cohen, O’leary, Terasawa
WMM Associates
Wolfe Lang Christopher
WWCOT Partners Architects
Young, Garau & Tucker Architects
AMB Engineering
Apex Engineering
Archer-Spencer Engineering Associates
Budlong & Associates
Burgess Engineering Group
Burnett & Young
California Engineering Design Group
Dale E. Au & Associates
D’autremont-Helms & Associates, Inc.
Digital Energy, Inc.
Glumac Engineers
Goss Engineering, Inc.
Hall & Foreman
Owen Group
HMK Engineering
HNTB Corporation
Homan Engineering
Jesse Engineering
KMI Engineers
Leonard Engineering
Linwood Engineering Associates
MA Francis
Mel Bilow & Associates
P2S Engineering
Pace Engineering
Power Engineering Services
R.R. & Associates
Rothman Engineering
Shannon Wilson
John Tettemer & Associates
Transportation & Energy Solutions
Turpin & Rattan
VA Consulting