Please browse the list of Entertainment companies with whom Wheeler & Gray has completed many successful and iconic projects. Use the links to visit our clients’ internet sites.

ABC Studios
ACS Production
Artistic Entertainment Services
American Broadcasting Company, Inc.
Ascent Media Group
Balance Production
BCT Entertainment Inc.
Black Forest Productions
C O Films, Inc.
Cold Case
CSI Miami
Daybreak Production Office
DC Golf
Disney Channel
Disney Core Services
Disney Corporate Real Estate
Disney Facility Services and Support
Disney Production Services
Disney Worldwide Services
Disneyland Resort
Disneyland Resort Entertainment
Downtown Rehearsal
Dreamworks Animation
First Mate Productions
Flying Winnebago Production, Inc.
Four Media Company
FTP Producion LLC
G-Force, Acceleration Production
Ghost Whisperer Productions
Good Behavior/ABC Studios

Good Night and Good Luck, LLC
John Levy Lighting Productions
LucasFilm Inc
Manhattan Beach Studios
Mistras Group Inc. Ropeworks
Nanny Says Productions
Polaris Studio, Inc.
Prospect Studios
Robert Meyers Studio
Run on Sun
Safari Land
Second Mate Productions, Inc.
Shaggy Dog Production
Spartan Productions
The Barn Production
The Disney Channel
The Nine Production
The Oz Entertainment Company
Torro Productions
Touchstone Television Productions, LLC
Uncle Martin Productions
Universal City Studios
Walt Disney Company
Walt Disney Imagineering
Walt Disney Pictures & Television
Walt Disney Studios
Warner Brothers – Television
WBTV Construction Department
Wide Angle