Storm Water Regulatory Compliance

Stormwater regulations protect our water and affect all phases of development and facility operations in California. Even in Southern California, where rainfall averages a fraction of the rest of the state, compliance can involve everyone from students to developers and include everything from public outreach to large bio-filtration systems. Wheeler and Gray has the stormwater and drainage expertise to assist you with all permitting and compliance requirements, and can streamline your stormwater compliance processes to avoid delays and cost overruns.

Wheeler & Gray is at the forefront of compliance requirements for California Stormwater Discharge Permits. Wheeler & Gray developed a SWPPP template with SWRCB approval that was used to comply with the new Construction General Permit before the state had developed its own template. Our firm represents public and private clients and can work with your staff through the processes, from the first step of registering in the online database, the intermediate steps gathering all the necessary information, to the final step for filing the Annual Report. We also have a working knowledge of a wide variety of BMP products available for construction and post-construction implementation.

Constructing improvements and regulatory compliance can be time consuming and at times appear to be conflicting when dealing with the many levels of code and environmental reviews that are required. Wheeler & Gray can help you manage DSA, fire marshal and local permitting reviews along with your stormwater needs. We work with State, Regional, County, City and other local agencies to get project approvals for Construction, Post-Construction, Industrial and Municipal improvements as well as Storm Water Management Programs.

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